A strange dream from 2008…. (Yes, I dream in color)

It is really a shame to see all of these timbers just floating, four by twelve timbers, hell they got to be about twenty feet long, you can build all kinds of stuff with those.
I really don’t know why you care?
Its not that care so much, its just the potential, the amount of timber that you could salvage would be amazing, hell you could build a house with all of these timbers that no one seems to mind just leaving floating along the beach.
Honey, we are at the beach, why should you care?
I am not sure, I just know that they have a use, they mean something.
Its a dream, of course they mean something
I mean, the little chunks, those cut offs, one foot long or so, I don’t mind seeing those getting thrown into a bonfire so that some kids can get drunk on the beach and stay warm, although on this beach I am not sure if getting hammered would be the best idea
What do you mean
Well, its the alligators, and those huge fucking carp that the alligators are eating, could of swore I just saw an alligator eating a skeleton of something, thats not right
I think you have been reading too many horror novels
That is a possibility.
Lets walk further down, maybe things will come back to some form or reality
Hey, its a dream, what kind of reality will I find
I don’t know, some, maybe, will have to see what your brain lets you have
My brain is only letting me have bits and pieces, and you know that the memory of this whole adventure will be even more fragmented, its the nature of dreaming after all.
Yeah, kinda works that way, doesn’t it
Yeah, downfall of the dream scape thing
Just roll with it, things will be fine
Or they wont, speaking of which, who are you anyway, you keep changing
Me, I am just femme fatal, my identity doesn’t really matter, I guess I adjust to suit the mood
Ah, that explains so much, could you stay one person for the sake of my sanity, at some point?
I could, but not sure it would be good for your sanity, the bonds are kind of loose anyway, I have to keep the reins on tight so you don’t lose it completely
What happens then?
Well, hard to say, I am thinking that we would all cease
Yeah, Cease, we are figments of your dreaming imagination, whether that be awake dreaming, or sleep dreaming, or somewhere in the middle, we really only exist in your mind.
Why can’t you exist out of it
I suppose we could, but we would not be nearly as interesting, and your will would have nothing to do with our actions
Your actions are pretty independent now
Yeah, but you allow it to be, lets go down the beach I think I see something interesting
If you say so, but, try to say one person
I can’t
Why not
because I am a make up of several people as seen from your minds eye, I have qualities, real or imaginary that you saw in all of them.
Who are you now?
I suppose I am the willingness to go along with your ranting of Erin, the curiousness of Lora, the intelligence of Lisa, and the bat shit nuts willingness to get dragged into your own psychosis of either Kari or Rose, hard to say, it keeps flipping, depends on what your looking at as to what you will see. Lets walk don the beach and see who shows up.
We walked down he beach and there was a beehive shaped brick structure on the waters edge, it had been there as long as the beach apparently, it was surrounded by the sands and the waters, but within it was dry, safe? And most of all it was clean, not a speck of sand in the entire thing. A man was there doing a mime style display, sans makeup, but also, thankfully, sans voice, he was moving bricks and looking to rebuild the walls.
The wall will not survive without mortar, they need the mortar to stay up
I am sure he in not concerned
But to do so much work for nothing
nothing but the art?
Is laying stones incorrectly art
If that is your choice, I am sure that it is.
Hmmm, I am thinking I would rather have things that are more permanent,.
Suit yourself, I am not the one who is talking to spirits that he cannot possibly talk to in real life because in dreams they acknowledge his existence.
That was low
Please don’t do that again
If you will see us I ill make amends
I can’t see you because you are always changing’
make us stay still
How am I suppose to make something in my dream world stay still?
Concentrate on one of us, then maybe, you will see.
I think sometimes that dreams are dreams for a reason, they are the things that you refuse to see in the real world, they are there, sure, they are right in front of your fucking face, but in a dream they do not respond to what in consciousness is your mind smacking them back down. They live independent, they are happy there, and you would be happier with them out, sometimes, of course it could also mean that your life is ruined, hard to say.
Maybe thats why they stay dreams.
What was the symbolism of the girl who’s face kept changing, was it that I can never make up my mind, or was it that I have let too many things slip through my fingers, afraid of commitment? Oh not me… Terrified would be a more accurate description. Hell I think my ex-wife even popped in there for a minute or nano-seconds as the case may be. The wall that is being build only to fall again at the next storm. Is that my life? Is it that I need some mortar to hold everything together, some stability, something to cushion and connect. I really have no idea, I generally don’t analyze my dreams to this extent. Shit, generally I don’t even remember this much of them, just for some reason this one has stayed with em, I think that there is a message, somewhere in it, something I either have to do or not do.
I wish I knew.
Well, Back to the dream…
So, you like this beach?
I don’t know what difference it makes, its the only one there will be, alligators and all.
Speaking of which, is that one getting kinda close, why don’t you get along, I will take care of this.
I punch the alligator, the alligator, unused to being punched in the nose waddles off back to the water.
We (Erin and I) discussed this later, sharks will go away if you punch them in the nose because most of there sensory organs are in their noses and they get disorientated. Alligators are a lot more of the brainless killer types and we determined that they really would not care about being punched, so I do not recommend ‘Alligator Punching’ to anyone. It seemed to work here though, as in my dream (not being reality) the alligator went away.
Ok, lets go, you still haven’t settled on being anyone.
You still haven’t settled on my being any one person either, I’ll make up my mind when you make up yours.
Your in my mind, you wont have much of a choice.
Seems to be the way that things are, doesn’t it.
Seems to be.

We walked up the path away from the beach and I woke up, confused and dreading contact with either alligators or exes. Sometimes I think that they are kind of the same, they both respond by instinct and are entirely untrustworthy. I wish I knew what it meant, I wish I knew why (its not included in the story above because it didn’t go anywhere) the person in the dream, even if they were completely unspecific on their identity was very allergic to poison ivy. Maybe that is the link to knowing who it is that they were. Maybe I am suppose to do something. Maybe I am suppose to bury this as deep as possible

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