Micheal Jackson isn’t Dead, he is with Elvis (2009)

I knew that the news was little more than a cover up for the truth, but what did I have for proof? A hunch? That never passes for anything except in old detective stories and if your a Jedi in Star Wars. But I knew that there was something not quite right, and I had to know what it was. I had turned on the news and everywhere on the screen was the same story, Micheal Jackson dead at age fifty. Yeah, he looked like a freak, and had been in hiding for a while. Apparently he had also be working on a new tour by working out with Lou Ferrigno, but that is hardly enough to kill a person. Unless of course he gets angry and does that whole ‘Hulk Smash!’ thing, amazing how drawn into their roles actors sometimes get.
But I watched the scrolling notes and I started to see more to this story than met the eye. Micheal Jackson had been working out with the Incredible Hulk and suddenly had grabbed his chest, let out a squeaky gasp and then dropped to the floor twitching. The medical personnel had stated that they may have been able to revive him on the spot if it were not for the delay in making the call as everyone present thought he was working out the choreography for a new dance move. But then they tried and tried to revive him (supposedly) and it (supposedly) did not work, he was in a (supposed) coma when he made it to the hospital and then promptly died. Ok, I tossed a lot of ‘supposedlies’ into that, lets start unraveling this story from the beginning.
Every one remembers when Micheal Jackson married Lisa Marie Presley back in the day. We were horrified, why would the daughter of the King of Rock and Roll marry the freak of pop? Turns out there was a reason. Lisa Marie Presley was a Scientologist, she had been instructed by the elders to reel in the King of Pop at any cost. I am pretty sure that considering that Micheal would have been more interested in the ring bearer at the wedding than the bride it was actually a pretty safe marriage. Eventually even the elders saw that train wreck that they had created to get the King of Pop to become a Scientologist and they allowed Lisa Marie to divorce him and set him up with a wet nurse and hoped that they could keep his freakishness under wraps. They may have been able to keep the lid on the weirdness of Tom Cruise pretty well but MJ was a different story.
Although he was a press nightmare he did produce several children for the continuation of the fight against the Thetans (look up Scientology if you are unsure of Thetans) and he did donate a lot of money to the cause. After many years the Scientologists caught wind that Micheal Jackson was starting to plan a tour to get himself back into the spotlight and re-jump-start his career, this was something that they could not allow to happen.
Having Micheal Jackson as a recluse was just fine by their standards, the further out of the limelight he was the easier things were for them. He did little to embarrass them when no one knew where he was and a way had to be found to make things stay that way. Which brings us back to Lisa Marie.
In early June of this year Lisa Marie was flown out to Los Angeles to have some closed door meetings with Micheal Jackson. Micheal was still all about going through with his come-back, but Lisa Marie had been sent with firm instruction to make sure that this would not happen. She had been given a golden bargaining chip though.
We all have known about the rumors that Elvis is not dead, they have been going around for years and no one believed it for a second. Ok, lots of people believed it but usually for th wrong reasons. The truth is that Elvis really needed to get off the stage and he knew that people would never let him do that as along as he was alive, the Scientologists were a well enough guarded society to allow him to fake his death and go deep enough into hiding to allow him to fall off the planet far more successfully than he could have ever dreamed. Turns out that all of these years Elvis has actually been quite alive, living in a Scientologist temple somewhere in Southern California, who knew?
Well, at first Micheal Jackson was skeptical when Lisa Marie told him that he should fake his own death and go and learn from the King himself, Elvis. I mean, really, Elvis had been dead for 32 years. I wish I had pictures of the meeting when Elvis was shuffled into the room during the talks. Micheal Jackson’s face turned white as a ghost, even more white than he had been trying to make it all of these years. Face to face with the king what could he do but agree. The plans were laid, and Lou Ferringo was brought in to create an exercise routine so that a heart attack would be totally believable. Thursday was the culmination of all of these plans, and America bought it. But let me be the first to tell you, Micheal Jackson is not dead, he just went to live with Elvis.

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