Poor Forelorn Rod Raymond…. He smells of Summers Eve for thou are a Douche.

This was a little commentary to Rod and his complaint about the University giving him shit that I wrote but could not get anyone to publish, I wonder why….  Ok, there were a few vulgarities and what-not sprinkled through there…  Teehee….
But anyway, now that he has been formally dismissed from the university I figured it was time to toss this nugget of Jeffy Goodness back out for the world to see….
Oh Rod, we know not of the troubles you have seen…..
            There has been so much information going back and forth on the subject of Rod Raymond and what happened, what was done about it, what should have been done about it, what is true, what is rumor, but has anyone asked what about Rod?
            Shouldn’t we be proud of what Rod has done, the adversity that he has overcome?  The selfless determination that he has shown in the face of the rags to riches, Horatio Alger style melodrama, of having to live among the writhing hordes of inferior humans that Rod’s life has been?
            We should be proud just to have been touched by the amazingness that Rod somehow manages to contain within himself, it should not be surprising that sometimes people may feel that they get affected by his incredible being and purpose on this Earth, you cannot be that important and amazing without a little of it touching those who he is around.
            It is Rod’s fault that under-grads get moist just from the sight of his amazing pectorals?  That even with his incredible powers of self-control, occasionally the aura of his super-sized ego spreads beyond his physical bounds to touch those around him?  That he embodies a level of masculinity that is simply overpowering to the will of anyone around him?  This is just a side effect of our meaningless presence in the shadow of someone as huge as Rod.
            Now Rod is being pilloried in the public sphere, such a cruel justice to happen to someone so huge and so amazing.  Should we not be praising him and his amazingness rather that stringing him up?  What other human can you think of that could contain that amount of power, which amount of self-important mojo, that amount of Rod?
            Maybe we should just look the other way when complaints surface as we all know that they are not caused by the actions of Rod but have to be little more that the jealousy of the little people, and their feeling of inadequacy knowing that they will never be able to live up to the amazing Rodness that Rod is. 
            We should wait for due process to take its course as we know that Rod will be vindicated and all of his wounds redressed.  We should not be emboldened in our arrogance of thinking that we could ever know what it is like to be Rod.  How could we ever really know what occurs in his presence when even Justice would have to shield her eyes in the shining presence of Rod.

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