The tooth, remember the tooth!

For those of you who are Dune fans you might remember the reference, has to do with the Duke Altredies and a poinson pack embedded in his tooth so he can kill the Baron Harrkonen.  In my personal case it has to do with a broken wisdom tooth that I am going to be getting rid of later today.

For those of you who don’t know I really have no love for the dental arts, possibly a side effect of our piss-poor medical system in Amurika, possibly just that I hate having people pick around in my mouth.

But anyway, I am going to get this damn tooth taken care of today, when all is said and done I expect considerably less jaw pain as there isn’t enough room in my jaw for all of these teeth to be there anyway, and then I can quit worrying about it and get on with the rest of my life.

On other tooth news we got the root ripper up and running.  I was originally going to call it the angry walrus, but now that I see what it looks like on the skid-steer I think that the enraged elephant is a more apt description. 

What it consist of are two tusks that go down from the bottom of the scoop arm on the skid steer, you drive forward and drive them into the ground, then there is a top arm that closes like a jaw (or trunk) allowing you to rip small tree roots right out of the ground.  By small I mean trees up to about 2 inches or so around, with tap-roots extending out about fifteen feet.  This thing is really not messing around, but considering that I have been fighting with this damn brush ever since we moved into this house this is going to be awesome!

That and it gives me an excuse to drive a skid steer around the yard, which is always a good thing.  A side effect is that it busts the soil up pretty good as well, so I should be able to get at some of the really good topsoil that is in the edges of the yard.  There is some damn nice black dirt out there, would not mind having it for the parts of the yard I give a poo about.

Well, it is 7 in the morning and I do not have to be to the dentist until 11, I am going to try to get about 2 hours of nap, my tooth quit hurting so maybe I can get some sleep before I go, last night really sucked for that.

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