Not on my PC

Lets be honest, the vast majority of us have downloaded something “illegal” at some point.  The thing is that the entertainment industry is insane.  They want to be able to hack my computer because I might have a copy of The Avengers on there?  Fuck that.
Dear entertainment industry, if you are so concerned about making money then stop producing crap.  The numbers one, two, and three movies right now are sequels, Fast and the Furious 6, (I stopped caring after one), The Hangover, part Three (I will go drinking with Hung again and have this whole experience live), and Star Wars, into Darkness (which is the second film of a reboot that had like eight films…. I am actually going to watch this, but considering that the dvd will be cheaper than a movie ticket I guess I will wait until it comes out on dvd, or maybe blue ray).

Now I am sure I could download any of those three RIGHT NOW, but I have no interest in it because your first defense mechanism against piracy is MAKING CRAP.

I once tried to get someone to read something I wrote, see what they thought of it, they refused to read it BECAUSE THEY HATED THE FORMATTING.  It had nothing to do with content, which I am pretty sure is the last one of your concerns.  The only people making good movies these days are independents and already successful actors who don’t need the money and are doing this because they believe in the project. 

Anyway, here is the link to the original article….

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