The curious case of the omelet sandwich.

“What the hell is an omelet sandwich”, asked Bob, who is obviously an uninformed douche.
“An omelet sandwich is what you get when you have a habit of trying to stuff too much stuff into an omelet when you make one and you finally give in and just start shoveling the creation between two slices of bread and calling it a sandwich.”
“Oh, so, what makes you think there is an omelet sandwich involved here?”
“Well Bob, if you were not too busy surfing porn to actually learn a few things about observation, maybe you could tell me.  Look around Bob, what do you see here?”
“Well, I see egg shells.”
“Very good, what else?”
“There are some veggie cut offs, and some scraps of bread.”
“Ok, your getting there.”
“But I still don’t see why you consider this to be an omelet sandwich case?”
“Come now Bob, you have bread, you have evidence of veggies being cut, you have egg shells, what makes you think that this is not having to do with an omelet sandwich.”
“Well, there is the fact that we are standing in a chicken coop.”
“Yeah, there is that I guess, well played sir, well played.”

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