This is so very true, we all must understand science.

It is not often that I run across something that explains something that humans should or shouldn’t be doing that I wholly agree with.  But this is the exception, we all must be literate in science.  I spend too much of my day having to deal with idiots like Water Legacy and their irk spreading dis-information because they don’t understand the science and neither does anyone else.

We have to educate ourselves, we have to educate our kids, we have to stop weakening the standards on what science actually is for the sake of political correctness.

I could never live in the south because you had better believe I would be having a huge Darwin Day party.  Handing out little pocket guides to evolution for Halloween, the “Born Right the First Time” bumper sticker, I am sure the Baptists would love me.

Anyway, before I get too far off on this rant, here is the original article…

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