Charlemange, The Omens of Death

Christopher Fucking Lee….

I think that is how I am going to refer to him from now on, because he is proving himself to be made of some seriously bad ass stuff…

Shit, he was the Wickerman…

Count Dooku…




And then we get into his real life….

During WW2 he did, well….

I was attached to the SAS from time to time but we are forbidden – former, present, or future – to discuss any specific operations. Let’s just say I was in Special Forces and leave it at that. People can read in to that what they like.

So, in other words,  he did shit that until everyone involved with them is dead we will never find out about, and even after everyone involved with them is dead, we will not find out about.

Sadly it has disappeared, but there was a clip of him explaining to Peter Jackson what it sounds like when someone gets stabbed if that is any hint.

But for his 90th birthday he decided that he was going to skip the prune juice and put out a metal album.


No, really, for his 90th birthday he decided to put out a metal album based on the historically accurate history of Charlemagne, who Christopher Lee apparently is descended….

And the album is arranged by the guitarist from Judas Priest….

No shit…

Is it listenable?  Yes, it is a bit droning at times, but so is history.  I will never forget how many Saxons were killed in that massacre though….

Should you check it out?


Is Christopher Lee the most bad ass 90 year old on the planet?


Although it is not a perfect album, it is special in its own right, I would rank it 3 1/2 beheaded Saxons.  Christopher Lee has a bass voice that does not lend itself well to the fast lyrics of a metal album, but presence is something that he does not lack at all.  Musically it sounds good, but not perfect, and it is something that seriously needs people to take a look at, even if just for the curiosity sake.  It is better than a lot of the music that makes it to press, but not going to make it as one of the top ten metal albums of the year.

Although it is Christopher Fucking Lee….

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