Coffee is my life blood….

Mormons don’t drink coffee….

It makes me wonder why they are so perky all the fucking time then.

Must be the brainwashing, or maybe they get energy piped into them from secret radio transmitters hidden in some gold tablets buried in Utah.

Or possibly they went to bed at 8pm and have no choice but be perky in the morning because it is their mid-afternoon.

Ironically I am thinking of going to field camp in Utah, should be interesting.

But anyway, for those of you who don’t know I ingest a small amount of coffee a day.

Most days, I don’t feel like coffee every day, but when I have work or school it comes in handy, keeps me from randomly falling asleep.

So I drink a liter of coffee…  Good coffee…  Like really good coffee, because I know where to get really good coffee…

This is no Folgers crap where they pellatize the coffee chaff and shove it right back in, this is real coffee.  I get it from a LOCAL roaster where I know what goes in my coffee….

I also get paychecks from there, but that is besides the point, they have been great employers, actually the best employers I have had, but the coffee is, bar none, the best I have ever had.

And I have had some damn good coffee….

I have been to Stumptown in Portland, checked it out, it was pretty damn good coffee, at a par with what I drink at home, but I can’t say it was better.

I used to hang out at some great coffee shops in Portland, they also had some pretty damn good coffee, at a par, but I can’t say it is better, and often it had some notes I did not like.

Of course I am a coffee snob.

I have also been to places that had coffee where I could barely identify it as actually being coffee.

Truck stops are notorious for having coffee that tastes like it was brewed with extract of truck tire.  You would think that someday the truckers would rise up and demand that they get real coffee, apparently it has not happened yet.  But if you had a truck stop with fast and actually drinkable coffee at 1 in the morning along a major through route like I-80 you would get truckers stopping in for fuel and a cup, and screaming across the cb to the other truckers.  You would create a Mecca for coffee junkie truckers, it would be brilliant!

These are just a few of the million dollar ideas I have that I can’t afford to do myself, if you do give this a shot and make a ton of money you can send some of it to me.  I am a poor college student, I could use it.

In the meantime click some ads, the money goes to me for those, it helps….

But anyway, I like coffee, I like good coffee…

Ok, I only like really damn good coffee, and I know where to get it.

Now I am going to tell you where to get it, if you are in Duluth go to Cub Foods, or any of the Super Ones, Mount Royal, etc….  Look for the coffee display and find the big one roasted in Duluth, give it a shot, it is really good stuff…

If you just want a cup of coffee, go to Pizza Luce, Beaners, Amazing Grace, Bixby’s, (Jitters, although not the coffee I am associated with he is locally owned and independent so I have to give him props), there are more, but I have not done deliveries in a while and can’t remember all of them.  But support your local coffee shops, shun the corporate chains like Starbucks.  Local coffee shops employ your friends, think about it.

When I am looking for lousy coffee truck stops are not the only place I can go, there are also chain restaurants.  Perkins, what happened?  McDonalds, you actually advertise this shit?  Hotels, are you fucking kidding me?

There has been a push as of late by some places to get real coffee, and once again the names of the places are escaping me, but there are some restaurants and hotels that are buying real coffee for their customers, and these places need people to frequent them and complement having drinkable coffee in the morning, or good coffee with your meal.

Coffee is good for you.

As long as your not a Mormon getting power from some gold tablet in Utah and going to bed before the sun goes down, it helps you through your morning.

Oh, if you are out of Duluth there are small batch roasters that sell coffee online google “Duluth Coffee Roasters” and find the one that starts with an “Al”….  You can thank me later….

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