Welcome to Duluth, where winter comes early and summer shows up on time.

Yep, kind of sick of spring showers.  But I should be use to it by now, it has been this way since I was a kid.  It is Duluth.  Where winter comes early, I have seen snow in October, the beginning of October, although apparently it has snowed in September before, I was not up to see it.  I have also seen snow in May.

The Halloween storm was a killer, 36 inches of snow on fucking Halloween, no shit….

But it is Duluth.

Summer shows up in time for Grandma’s Marathon every year, and it sticks around long enough for the inline marathon in September.  Then it is done, maybe a little Indian summer, but it is basically done.  Then we have winter again.

For eight months, or at least it feels like 8 months.

The weather has been getting warmer as of late, but that ends up meaning greater variability and more severe weather, the timing of the seasons has not really changed much, just more freakishly warm weather in the middle of winter and freakishly late blizzards.

Like this year when we got four feet of snow in April.

But summer is coming, we will get two and a half months of beach weather, enough time to get the winter coat cleaned and then it will be back to the icebox for winter, although if the last few winters are any guide it wont get seriously cold until November, and it wont really snow until just before Christmas. 

I used to go out on Thanksgiving and my dad would chop a hole in the ice on the bay to see if it was thick enough for ice skating, invariably it was because we had already had a cold snap with below zero temperatures.  This last winter we did not dip below zero until December 11th, and we did not have more than one day dip below until Christmas.  The first real cold snap was towards the end of January.

These are not the winters I remember, the ice was not really solid until half of the winter was over, by then it is too late.

And global climate change is a myth my ass….

Of course we got a later winter winter this year, once winter kicked it it would not let go finishing off with out weekly blizzards of April, and some of those were doozies!

Oh well, I suppose I need to do something productive today, going to see about getting some excel programmed as it is rainy as all hell out today.

On the positive side it isn’t snow, and my allergies are appreciating the rain.

According to the weather forecast it is supposed to warm up next week as well, that would be nice, we have been in a cycle of Eastern winds off the lake which has prevented it from getting much warmer than the “just barely above the fucking freezing mark” that the lake is currently at.

All hail summer, I intend on enjoying some of it this year.

Presuming it gets here before fall hits.

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