Chess! The musical.

This is one of those things that has always made me both say, hmmm, interesting, and scream “what the fuck were they thinking?”

However, it was done, and the music lives on, even if as of this writing it has not made it to either West End or Broadway again.

It would be hard to remake now though, chess (the game) does not garner the international attention that it did at the height of the cold war, and the barriers that divided the world at that time, barriers that only chess could bring down, are no longer present.

I am sure that the concept could be revived, but they would need to have a new sport, something cerebral, and still nationalized.  Something that is big enough to be news, but not diversified enough that player swap around the planet like poker chips.

I have no idea what that sport would be.

I am fully aware it says Checkers, but this is Chess the Musical…

16 videos…

In case your wondering “One Night in Bangkok” is in video 9….

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