The hippies are getting militant!

Considering some of the general disrespect for the order of law that some of the anti-mining protesters have in general I am not the least bit surprised that they would be the ones to bring it to the next level.  But is this what we have become?  Where if you don’t like what a company is doing legally you go and sabotage equipment.

With some of the interactions I have had with some of the people that are involved with some of the groups like Water Legacy I am not in the least surprised, and this is the type of behavior that one would expect when you have protests being run by a bunch of self-important, uninformed, viciously partisan and clueless trustifarians who will always have mommies legal defense fund to bail them out when they get caught.

The things that scares me the most is that they have acolytes who think that they are the most awesome people in the world, like the Ali of protests, when in the end they do more damage to the causes that they are trying to promote than progress.

Oh well, here is the link.

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