Still looking for a super-model that wants to cuddle.

Ok, the super-model part is flexible….

Really, science geeks are the only ones that should reply.

The reality is that when it comes to communication I am bad at that and it takes some patience, but if you give me some time and some test accommodation I can pull it out.

Sex is fun, don’t get me wrong, but so is cuddling, and cuddling is less stressful….

So I am looking for a super model (flexibility presented) that just wants to cuddle.

And talk about science.

Long walks on the beach.

Where we talk about the origins of the sand, and the actual reason why the sky is blue, the biology of the waters, and how to turn magnetite into pig iron economically using a modified microwave oven.

Also possibly some excursions into the radioactive tendencies ever present in any sand that is resultant from a granitic bedrock.

But sun, and walking and conversation!

And dogs like me.

Science fiction television is occasionally very good, thinking mainly Dr. Who and Firefly, but some other series have merit, that and any drama made by the BBC, because the American stuff is often crap, although Law and Order had a good run.

And cuddling.

So back to the detriments of conversation, being bad at it is kind of an understatement, I get nervous, I have autistic communication skills.  Emotionally I am a 15 year old, still stumbling over my words in any such situation and sometimes I need to take some time to fashion a response, I am not ignoring you, or being silent out of spite, I am avoiding mindless babble trying to come up with something on topic.

Yep, its just me, it is a package deal.

But I like to cuddle and watch netflix.

And I am OK with sex, just not my priority.

I like kids, but I have reasons that I personally don’t believe I should have any which I am willing to discuss.

So, give me a call, maybe?

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