I also got my hub motor for the bicycle today…

I have most of it installed, let me tell you the instructions they sent were not just useless, they were fucking useless….  I will post some pictures of the wonderful Chingrish when I get a chance.

But that being said, although the instructions were useless, and some modifications needed to be made as there were a few things that were backwards, unnecessary, too long….  I did get the wheel mounted on the bike, and I got most of the wiring in place, stuck on getting the battery box put together until I can obtain some more electrical connectors, I may eventually try to switch it to running on Lithium batteries, but that would involve obtaining like 120 matched laptop cells, and then building a case for them that can keep itself cool.

There will be a lot of blogs written about this bike adventure….

And let me tell you about genuine Chinese quality, as only the Chinese can do it….

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