Yet another derby rant….

Ok, I know I promised I was going to quit writing these, but they are so much fun.

Let us talk a little bit about work ethic.  I know some people that have absolutely insane work ethics, both in and out of derby.

I know other people that are pretty fucking lazy, both inside and outside of derby.

Roller derby is not like married sex, you can’t just lay there and get through it.

You have to work!  You have to bust your ass!

And not just on the days that you have practice, the rest of the time too.

I am sure that actually having to work hard all of the time is going to be a bit much for some people, but if you want to get better and you want to succeed you have to skate better.

You have to have more endurance.

You have to be stronger and last longer than the other team.

And then you win.

When you win you get fans.

When you get fans they buy tickets.

When fans buy tickets then the league succeeds.

When the league is succeeding then they can start doing things like lowering dues, and comping travel.

And wouldn’t that be a nice thing.

So get out there and work!

Work hard!

Be a bad ass mother-fucker!

Do it!

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