My review of Windows Vista, imagine what I would have said about Windows 8!

Windows Vista was released the other day. By the standards of their previous operating systems they should have the bugs worked out of it by about the time the universe comes to a cataclysmic end. In the meantime we will have to deal with yet another steaming pile from Redmond Washington being foisted upon us. Hopefully people will read my review of this operating system and take my advice, even if it will inhibit my ability to soak them for tech support time at a later date.
An Introduction to Windows Vista,
About as Pleasant as Genital Warts.
Well, they did it, they took a clunky inefficient OS and they made it worse. Just when you thought things had nowhere to go but up they added a new basement. Even the title of this rant does not convey my true feelings for this OS.
I installed Vista just to see how bad it actually could be. It took twenty minutes to boot, and then gave me nothing but problems. The vast majority of the features that were added to make it “prettier” were nothing but window dressings on broken windows. These windows now stack at an angle, why? It takes more system resources to stack them that way, therefore you will need to buy more powerful computers, thats why.
On top of all of that you no longer own you files. The system take the permissions for EVERYTHING away from the user. I certainly hope you never have a problem, if you do, your F$cked. On top of that it tests the DRM on all of your files to make sure that they are not owned by someone else. I am still not sure how that would work on things that I have which are not listed in the DRM record keeping because I created them myself, or personally recorded them, I am not going to find out either.
If you ever do have a major system problem I certainly hope you don’t want to keep your stuff because you are going to lose it all. I already know what virus I would be writing for this one (if I were so inclined, which I am not) and if you got it you would have no choice but to format the hard drive and reinstall. I would not feel guilty either, if you stupid enough to use this bloated pile, its your fault for getting it destroyed for you.
The problem that people had with Windows XP is that they got viruses and spy ware all the time. I found that the best way to avoid that was to turn off 90% of the useless services that Microshaft turned on by default, delete Internet Explorer, delete Outlook Express and after all of that you suddenly had a reliable, and considerably faster computer. I do not run anti-virus, I do not use anti-spy ware programs (except to verify what I already know is fine) and I have not had a problem in years. It should also be noted that I have been on line continuously for the last 8 years, still without a problem.
You no longer can remove these troublesome programs from your computer, you do not have the permissions to see them, and you certainly don’t have the permissions to manipulate them. It is no longer your computer, it is Bill’s computer, you should live in his world and do things the way he wants you to.
If you want my advice for what to do about Windows Vista I would stay stick with XP if you really need to use Windows. Otherwise buy a Mac or download and install Linux. Ubuntu is great, I highly recommend that one, if you would like to try it, but not install it, they even have a live CD version that will boot the whole OS right off your CD-Rom.
So long, and happy computing!

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