New glasses and contacts, a little price comparison.

I hate buying glasses, and I could never afford to get new contacts.

Well, that has changed, I decided to go and get a new contact prescription and eye exam, which brings me to a few things that every poor person should know about contacts and glasses.

First, get your prescription in writing and then put it somewhere safe!

I actually don’t need new glasses yet, and as it turns out my eyes haven’t changed in the last 4 years (they had barely changed at the last exam either).  But I like having a back-up pair of glasses on hand just in case.

Second thing, don’t buy contacts locally.

I know there is a bunch or “buy local” bullshit about buying everything you possibly can from your local farmer, but when your local farmer is totally hosing you you have no obligation to use them.

For instance, Lens Crafters quoted me 50 dollars a pair for my contacts.

50 bucks for a pair of contacts that is good for one month?  Are you fucking shitting me?

I went to (I should really get an affiliate link for that, but Minnesota insists on taxing me for everything), and I paid 85 bucks, with shipping, (there is a 10 dollar rebate I will take off later) for SIX pairs of contacts.

So let us compare, 50 bucks for one pair, or 75 bucks for 6 pairs. That is $12.50 a pair, or 1/4th the money.

If I felt like buying two years worth I could have gotten them even cheaper, it would have been 60 bucks for six pairs, but I didn’t feel like dumping 240 bucks on contact lenses at one time.

Then off to glasses.  Every time I went to buy new glasses it was always 240 bucks for ONE PAIR.  Even the discount optics place charges 57 bucks for two pairs, blah, blah, blah….

I went to Zenni Optical (online) and got two pairs of glasses for $18.85, shipped, to my mother fucking door!

See here is the deal.  I scratch glasses, I break glasses, I pop lens out of glasses and make props for stage shows.  Why the hell would I pay blood for them?  Especially when I can get a pair of glasses for 6.95 a pair + shipping.

So I am going to have 3 pairs of glasses and new contacts.

It is going to be a beautiful world!

And of all the freaky things, here is a picture of me without glasses…..

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