First blast of cold

The first blast of cold weather is always the worst, the body takes time to acclimate to the changing if tge seasons,  and time is the one thing that has not, as of yet, been given.
I do not want to go into hibernation yet, there are still a lot of things I want to accomplish before winter hits full on.  I am still fighting with a firewood shortage out at the ranch, and there is a comet diving towards the sun that really needs me to take some pictures of it.
This of course involves me getting up and moving at about four in the morning, making some really hit coffee,  and I should just have the whole camera/tripod/remote setup ready to rock so I don’t miss the shot trying to get packed.
Of course at the moment instead of getting all of my ducks in orderly lines I am sitting at the bar having a beer.  I am definitely doing something wrong here.
A couple of good photos would really lift my spirits,  and I know some professors that could use them in classes.
In other news life has been good to me recently,  my boss is awesome,  classes are progressing,  and I may even get to finish school before I hit forty, even if only by a few weeks.

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