Christmas Shitty of the North Parade.

For those of you who know me you will know that I am not really a big fan of Christmas. Ok, I really would have a tough time giving a shit less. Some people boycott black Friday, I have decided to make that a year round boycott because I do not much care about American consumerism. I am actually trying to determine how compact one could go and still have enough room for all of their geology books. But this year there was the Christmas Shitty of the North Parade. It comes with a song that makes me rock back and forth in agony screaming “make it stop” every time I hear it. Most of the parade is this high school band, or this float from some company favored by rich people…. And then their was the Owl’s Club. Who built the float out of paper-mache by themselves, with mostly donated materials. It featured a giant owl who’s head turned back and forth and went “Hoo-Hoo.” This has layers of awesomeness. Well they have a post parade vote for who had the best float, The Owl’s were in the league and then one of the competitors suddenly jumped up by a few hundred votes. The next morning another competitor had gone from 0% to 45% of the vote. As of today there have been 25,000 votes on the poll which is far more than actually watched the parade in the first place. Which of course brings me to a thought. It is obvious with the ways that these cheating fucks are gaining votes they are not doing it honestly, I have no need to be honest. I was thinking maybe I should throw the vote in the direction of the Duluth Children’s Museum. To the tune of like 100,000 votes…. It would not even be that hard.

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