The master plan

Just so all of this is clear.

I am not just selling all of my extemporaneous stuff as a grand rummage sale of vanity, I do have some semblance of a plan.

If all goes well, there will be updates, I am going to be graduating at the end of next summer from the University of Minnesota, Duluth with a BS in Geology.  One of the aspects of this degree is that if I want to find a job I would have to go someplace else.

I have been looking around and there are lots of positions available, some of them do make for a seriously mobile lifestyle though.  I have sen some where it is fly-in jobs so that you are at work for a week or two, and then off for a week or two.  If I end up doing something like that the whole “having a need for a house” thing goes right out the window.  It would be far easier to have everything in my life condensed down to what will fit in the back of a truck, and what will fit in a pop-up camper or something to that effect.

I still have not determined if my current truck would be able to safely tow a pop-up camper, but those things are not that heavy, and a little modification of the trailer hitch setup (basically make a frame-mount class-3 hitch) would be a doable solution.

I just researched it and the Starcraft pop-up camper weighs in at 900 pounds, Wheezy the Wonder Truck (1994 Ford Stranger, old mine truck, no options, 70K miles) should be able to pull about 1500 without any issues.

But back to the plan.

Next summer I have to attend field camp in Park City, Utah.  There will be a lot of pictures and a lot of blogs written when I have time free from my studies.  After this is done since I will already be in Utah I was going to take some time to explore the Western United States, just myself, Wheezy the Wonder Truck, my camera, and a rock hammer.

After I make it back to Duluth I plan to have already lined up an internship or maybe even a job, but that is going to involve moving.  Hopefully slightly south of my current location so that it will be slightly warmer when I get there.

Even if I do end up going North and having to get a more substantial domicile I still do not want to have 10 loads of belongings to move with me.  I would much rather go for one load and gone.

This also makes it so that if I get on with a company with locations in other countries I could transfer to someplace far, far away without having to worry about what I am going to do with all of my stuff.  Since I will have already trimmed my belongings to what would essentially fit in the bed of  a Ford Ranger, knocking that down to what will fit in my luggage would not be that hard.

But that is the plan, I am going to try to get my butt as far out from where I am now as is reasonable.  I want to do this in a manner that makes sense, and is responsible (no dumping of crap because I didn’t have time to find someone who wanted it).

Here is a picture of me, doing what I do….  Just so you know I was standing in waders in a river measuring water depth across a cross section to estimate sediment flow during a 500 year flood event.  There will be a blog of the results coming soon.

My face is not actually that twisted, just crappy phone camera effects.

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