Old man Winter is coming, time to get ready!

I just looked at the weather forecast and winter is on its way!  Looks like a couple of good days of snow followed by some nasty cold shit.  As a result I am going out to warm up the truck so I can change the oil, then I am going to put my patented “big box of rocks” in the bed so that I have some weight back there and have some hope of making it up the hill to school.

Hopefully by the end of next week I will be posting some snow pictures on here, wouldn’t that be fun!

Oh, then comes the cross country skiing….  My 1970’s skis (not on the list of things to sell because they are simply not worth anything, I actually picked up an emergency backup pair from the dump), need to get some miles on them, skiing is good for my knees and it is nice to get out on a trail, far away from everything.


Oil is changed, the box-of-rocks is in the back of the truck, bring it on winter!  I am ready for you!


It looks like Old Man Winter is coming with a vengeance!   Looking at 10+ inches of snow by Wednesday night, the first blast of the storm tomorrow (Monday) is 4-7 inches!  1-2 during the day and 3-5 Monday night!  Tuesday is showing an 80% chance of snow to start the day and 70% to end it!

There is already a Winter Weather Advisory posted from noon Monday through 6 PM Wednesday.

On a side note I hate trying to determine if 12 PM is noon or midnight, it is logical when it is 12:01 PM, but at 12:00 it is in transition.

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