The plans are progressing, as is school

I had a great week on ebay last week, and although I took a week off of selling because of derby and homework, next week should be a good one.  I am gradually going to be cleaning out everything and I see no reason that I should stop now.

On the positive side my short term financial situation has improved, this allows the saving of money for future usage to be more possible, and also allows me to breathe a little easier about a lot of things.

I am also looking at more involvement in my field of research, and looking at making more contacts in the industry.  I was approached by one of my fellow students about getting more involved with SEG (Society of Economic Geologists), this would mean working on attending some conferences and workshops, something I am definitely thinking has a long term benefit.

The semester from hell is also almost done.  I had an oral presentation with the Blonde Squad (Bob Kryzer, Shane Loeffler, and myself) dealing with sediment transport in the Lester River system during the June 2012 flood.  Calculating the total amount of sediment transported, the volume of flow in the river, and whether the flood caused the river to be a flow limited, or sediment limited system.

The delivery of the project (15 minutes powerpoint) was a great experience, and it went swimmingly!  We had no missteps, all worked together excellently and it wowed the rest of the class.  I will admit there was some very strong competition,  there was another project looking at present elevations of paleo-shorelines in arcgis and lidar maps to see evidence of crustal tipping in isostatic rebound that I thought was very interesting, and had some very strong results, but our project I think took the cake.

I really should have taped the thing, oh well, we are right now putting together our findings into a short research paper and I will post that on here.

Well, that is all for now, I have to get some more work done before I get to sleep, trying to make sure that all of my T’s are crossed and have dotted I’s.

Oh, one last thing, still waiting to get a response from school on the minor issue.  It is taking them a little time to get around to responding on this thing, oh well.

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