The irony of Rush Limbaugh attacking the Pope…

While Sarah Palin and the rest of the Fox News acolytes go on and on about the war on X-mas Rush Limbaugh is attacking the pope…

For acting like what one would imagine Jesus would want a pope (if there was such a thing at the time) to act like.

Instead of being obsessed with tradition and making sure that everyone has all of there Christmas displays with a white Jesus, and a white Santa, the pope is concerning himself with taking care of the people.  Looking after those who are less privileged and looking at the causes of the disenfranchisement that keeps the poor in the bad situations that they are born into.

So…  While trumpeting about the War on Christmas they are at the same time fighting against the people who are trying to do the work of Jesus.  A bit of a double standard?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not a big fan of the church as a whole, but I am kind of liking this Pope Francis guy.  He is not trying to raise himself above everyone else, he is trying to work with the people, he is trying to make the church more inclusive and worrying less about trying to control social issues and more on social work.  Basically he is preaching to the poor and working on issues that help support the poor, figuring out why they are in the situations they are in, and what the church can do to help them get a hand up.

What a horrible Socialist/Marxist idea Rush Limbaugh must think that is.

I get the feeling that the only way he would like the poor is served in butter with extra salt and a side of bourbon and Oxycontin.

Anyway, this is my rant of the day, if you think your friends would like it, send them here!  We like web traffic!

Oh, and I am agreeing with Time Magazine on their choice.  I wonder if Rush Limbaugh ever wonders why they don’t pick him?

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