Saturday is listing day! Bring on the EBAY!

I am listing more stuff on ebay, three auctions up already, and one of them already got a bid!

This is what I am going to do all day, well this and toss in firewood so I can stay warm in this coming week, it is supposed to be freaking cold!  They are predicting four days of ambient temperatures of 17, 27,. 21, and 15 degrees below zero, even colder up over the hill they are predicting 35-40 below, with wind chills of 70 below!  I am going to hide in my basement, fill the wood stove, and stay warm for the next four days!

Might pick up a 12 pack of beer since I will not be going anywhere, and maybe go tuck the truck into the barn since I have no intention of doing anything other than watching ebay auctions and playing Kerbal Space Program….

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