Not exactly sure what to write about…

Well, my mission to get rid of all of my stuff continues…  There is still a lot of stuff that needs to go, but progress is occurring, and the piles are getting smaller.

I decided to get through the coin collection first, and it seems that I actually did have a few dollars worth of coins in that box, I am going through the coin supplies next.  Then I am going to sort and do a blast of stuff on craigslist, ending with maybe a rummage sale when I get towards the ends.  There will also be a bunch of stuff heading to goodwill and who knows where else…

I also found a place to get rid of all of my electronics recycling locally.  Going to be bringing them a truck load so that I can free up the boxes and prepare another truck load….

Also going is a bunch of larger electronics that are still good, usable, and worth something that I have picked up, waiting for the weather to get more hospitable, and being able to do that run when I am back in school and can just go downstairs and use the UPS station at the school will be ideal.

Speaking of school, only three weeks left of break!  Then back for a semester of fun!

Also, you may have noticed a bunch of short posts, I found out how to blog from my phone, yet another way to be anti-social while at the bar!

In the Ebay world, I have 16 auctions up and running as of right now, 120 bids and the first auction does not end until Saturday…  Next Saturday!  I started them all out at 99 cents and they are going berserk!  In the first day I had one auction rack up 37 bids!  I am interested to see where this week goes, I already have 4 auctions in the 50-100 range, and two have broken through 100 dollars.  I will keep an update as the week goes on as for how things are going.

Also, it is cold, really f’n cold, and I am intentionally running myself out of cigarettes with no way to get to the store.  The truck is safely tucked away in the end of the big building where it will stay until the weather returns to at least a little closer to the positive side of the Fahrenheit scale.

The coldest I have seen so far tonight as for temperatures is 35 below, I will see if anyone is testing that in a few minutes, ah hell, lets see if they have updated….  Still 33 below at Crane lake, although Cook is coming in a close second at -31…

Well, the ebay auctions have hit 140 bids while I was writing this and I am now over a three week total of two grand!  The summer field camp and epic road trip around the Western US is getting funded!  In the time it took me to write that sentence and take a sip of beer I hit 148 bids, this is nuts!  I am only 37 dollars from beating my insane total from last week on the final auction prices!

It looks like I have some power-ebay bidders that are working to help me out on my mission to get a fully funded vacation.  I am completely fine with this….

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