Super volcanoes!

I was browsing real news again tonight and ran into this…

A wonderful story on the BBC talking about the triggers for super volcanoes!  Mainly dealing with Yellowstone, which is on my list of places to visit on my epic road trip next summer.  I am hoping it does not explode while I am there, but if they happened to have to evacuate everyone while I was there because they were concerned about it that would make for some awesome stories!

Here is a pic, also stolen from the BBC for giggles…

Think about it, how could I possibly go wrong?

I also not to go berserk with the rock hammer in a national park, no promises just outside of the national park however…

I am already looking at upgrading my camera to a T4i, in somewhat related news, but since I plan on uploading el-shit-loads of pictures, and with the T4i videos from my trip, I figure that upgrading my camera would be a good idea.

That and with the “selling everything I own” kick I am on right now it has suddenly become affordable.

I am also trying out some new video editing software…

Even scarier, it is a legal copy…

Even scarier, it seems to work…

I will let you know how it goes.

UPDATE:  The next morning….

After fucking until 3 in the morning with my computer trying to find anything that would install and work I went to the laptop and installed OpenShot on Ubuntu (there is a live DVD for those of you who are not ready to switch to linux yet).

Super awesome, simple, functional!

Oh yeah, it worked, rendering right now….

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