Ice Caves, Cornicupia Wisconsin!

On Sunday January 17th my friend Jimbo and I ventured out to the ice caves near Cornucopia, Wisconsin in the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.  If you get a chance, I recommend checking this out, there is a number you can call to check on ice conditions before you leave, and in the summer, when the weather permits you can visit the same places with a kayak.  Just be wary, Lake Superior can be an angry beast sometimes.

This was just a cool tree, hanging on at the edge of the cliff.

The ice was like drapes on the edges of the chasms.

The way that the rock broke away in sheets along the plane of deposition was really interesting.

This was some amazing tiers of icicles!

I had to get two shots!

There must be a source for this ball of ice.

The contrast between the rock and the snow does wonders for confusing a f-stop.

I love cross bedding!

Some of the chasms reached far back from the shore.

It was also starting to snow.

Of course nothing would stop me, I had a new camera!

Jimbo trying to hold the roof up, or look majestic, or something.

I love the scimitar like curvature of these icicles.

Fuzzy icicles!

This was just a huge sheet of ice, guessing from the spray before the lake froze over.

The caves were really cool, you could climb right in!

Thankfully the kids running around had not broken all of the icicles off the roofs.

Sometimes the spray made impressive overhangs on the edges.

People were clambering all over the place.

This ice was like a toothpaste blue, must have been a spring.

Sometimes the icicles were more impressive than the caves.

They hung down like stalactites, huge ones.

This tree seems to have chosen a bad place to grow.

The reflection off the water made this a must have shot.

The snow was getting a bit heavier, but I was not ready yet.

And then you get that shot that just blows the rest of them all away!

You could see where chunks had fallen out in the semi-recent past.

and sometimes little springs made huge icicles that hung out all by themselves.

I imagine at some point this whole assemblage will come crashing down, thankfully it didn’t while I was shooting the picture.

Eagle Island, the first of the Apostles.

It looked like a waterfall of ice coming off the cliff.

This was a fresh collapse area, but the cross bedding was amazing!

I had to giggle because this tree chunk looked like a very out of place cactus.

Once again, really impressive cross-bedding.

There were tree roots just hanging out in space.

Here you can see the contrast between the freshly exposed rock and the rock that had been exposed for long enough for plant life to attach.

The edges of the cliffs had impressive amounts of moss and lichens, and birch trees that looked like they were trying to get away from the edge.

And fungus ears growing out of trees.

The beds of moss were still exposed in places, impressive considering the amount of snow that had been falling on the South Shore this year.

More mosses.

Tree roots covered in ice, apparently they were low enough to get hit by the spray.

The purpose of this trip was to get some experience with my new camera (new to me).  I also shot some video, but  need to go produce some music and get that all edited together before it is ready to go up.

Thanks for looking! 

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