Sometimes editing is a good thing…

I wonder if anyone else noticed this unfortunate combination of headlines and front page stories…  Up at the top the header for the Ludacris concert, below, a story that the college student (Alyssa Lommel) is coming back to UMD after getting her hands amputated from severe frostbite…

Yep, that is an unfortunate lack of editing…  Good job, good job….

Just in case you are wondering about the whole story, the person riding piggy back had an incident where where she got dropped off after drinking at a party, could not get in her house, and was not found until the next morning in far below zero Minnesota weather.  She had severe frostbite which necessitated the amputation of both of her hands and part of both her feet.
Last week Ludacris played a lousy show at the Amsoil Arena which is obviously worthy of the top bar of the paper, it is just unfortunate that they have a top bar about raising your hands and screaming above the picture of someone who lost both her hands.
Intentional?  I would severely doubt it.
Should have been caught in the editing process?  Definitely.

Just in case anyone needs the photo without the arrow pointing things out…

Update: I just noticed there was a large burst of traffic hitting this blog post.  Where are you all coming from?

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