The end is near!

Well, near in the I have been at school for the last three years and after this summer I only have three classes left, two are online and one is a one credit-one day a week-lecture class.

So by the end I mean the end of school.

Then I will have my BS, which I have earned by dealing with all of their BS.  I will have free time again.  I will be able to go back to working full time.  I will once again have money!  I will be able to pay off student loans.

I will be able to get on with my life.

Hopefully this means I will be able to go out and actually meet someone with similar interests who can assist in my adventures.

Interests include:
Making stupid YouTube videos and trying to hit on something that goes viral.
Insulting stupid people

I do have a few non-interests, which have shown to be deal-breakers in the past…

Must have passport
Must be able to move
Must be witty and sarcastic
Must not want children
Must read (romance novels do not count, unless there are vampires, not that stupid Twilight shit).

Anyway, I just felt like writing something quick.  I have to go correct a bunch of labs (about two inches worth), look at putting together a stack of lab reports (about an inch worth).  Look at writing a 16 page instruction manual (fucking kill me now), try to plan out a video session with a bunch of compatriots in the worlds most annoying writing class (why do I need this?)

Its time for me to graduate….  I have hit a new low of FTS mode….

I was also considering trying to set up my camera and putting together some quick videos I could chuck on YouTube and spam across the twitter-verse and Face(palm)book…

This will also test to see if I need to obtain some new editing software or not.

Alas, going to be a busy day.

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