Boulder Lake Environmental Learning Center

I am currently taking a three week long May Term class at the Boulder Lake Environmental Center.  The base for our operations is about 20 miles North of Duluth at the Boulder Lake ELC.  As it turns out the way it is set up is that Boulder Lake is part of an 18,000 acre wildlife preserve around the reservoir for Minnesota Power, between Minnesota Power and the county the manage almost all of the land, and instead of just running it into the ground they are preserving the area as a wildlife preserve and educational resource.

Since I am really lousy with my eyesight at using binoculars I decided to just use my camera with a nice zoom lens, as a result I have a lot o pictures that I have taken.  Here a few of them.

Blackbird sitting in the marsh.

Little Yellow Bird (I will figure it out later).

Little Grey Bird (Have I told you I am not a Biologist?)

A Pair of Mergansers and a pair of Mallards hanging out.

Painted Turtle.

Have you ever watched a Common Loon try to land?

It is kind of amazing they can fly at all.

Mink frog, they were very quiet this early in the season.

Painted turtle stretching his neck.

Snapping turtle, this turtle was just hanging out not moving and then finally died.

Canada Goose, goose stepping?

A little sparrow, I will once again have to identify later.

Red Wing Blackbird, mid call.

Common Yellow Throat.
Well, that is all for the first blast of pictures.  I will be posting more in the coming days.

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