Western Water Front Trail and more Boulder Lake

We did not spend the entire class up at Boulder Lake, we also sent a day bird watching out at the Western Waterfront Trail, and also changed the schedule up to do a nighttime frog survey up at Boulder.  Here is a set of pictures that go through all but the last day of class, I hope you enjoy.

Male Mallard swimming away. 

Red Wing Blackbird (Female) Thanks Jessica

American Red Start up in a tree…

Duck, Duck, Goose….

Northern Leopard Frog.

Bullhead (We put out frog traps, never caught frogs).

Wild Yam

Toe Biter, and Dragonfly Larva.

Dragonfly Emerging

Caddisfly Larva

Red Squirrel in motion!

I’m just hanging out….

Dragonfly staying still long enough to get a picture.

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