Getting Ready to Leave for Utah!

I have spent the last several days setting things out and then spent today packing stuff up.  The end result is that my truck is all loaded up with stuff and almost ready to go.  I have food, I have clothing I have all of the geology stuff that I was instructed I needed to bring (with the exception of pens, I need to find some pens).  I have my laptop all prepped and ready to go, I have my camera prepped, I need to find a good place to shove the tripod in the back of the truck….

As for the truck, I built a bed in the topper, under the bed there is room for two bins full of stuff and a suitcase of clothing, plus all the miscellaneous camping gear.  In the last three days I have none a number of repairs and maintenance on the truck, aka Wheezy the Wonder Truck.  Wheezy is a 1994 Ford Ranger, that although it only has 76 thousand miles, it has been through a lot.  The result of this is that it leaks power steering fluid, although that does not bother me, and I just use tranny fluid in there anyway.  The cab mounts at the front of the cab were apparently only holding due to gravity, so I had to build a new cab mount for the front, when I was tightening it down I could hear rusty parts of the cab crackling, not the best sound….  Earlier we had made a new tranny mount because the old one had apparently been run into something big, heavy, and unmovable.  It was twisted up and folded over.  We could not even figure out how to straighten it, and it took us several minutes to determine that it was originally on straight piece.

I also got a new exhaust installed, which rattled against the tranny mount, but I found a fix for that.  The most important thing though?  I added a new grill emblem.  Actually a plastic stegosaurus, cut in half, and then screwed to the grill of the truck.

I don’t have any pictures of the truck right now, and I already packed the cameras, but here are some pictures from last week that I haven’t put up anywhere yet.

During the Homgrown Music Festival they also had bellydancer/Fire Dancers.

One night I came home and saw a glow in the sky, plus I happened to have my camera on me.  The end result was I attempted to shoot long exposure images of the aurora over the top of the barn. 1.3 seconds, iso 3200, f4.5.

I also tried to stay up to take pictures of the lunar eclipse, didn’t make it that far in.

And then there was the day I looked out on the porch and saw a mourning dove, I had to snap a picture.

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  1. I wish you the safest of journeys, my friend! I look forward to more of your posts, pictures and videos, as well as hoping to get a proverbial sip in your thirst for knowledge. Props for prepping Wheezy!


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