Rolling through Wyoming!

Day two was adventurous, and the third day of the drive was even more so, but we are getting there…  Not quite to that point of the story yet.  On day two we drove from Mitchell, South Dakota through Casper, Wyoming.  We stopped for the night in Casper and we out for food and some supplies that I will speak more of later.
There was also a song written that will explain much of the adventures that ensued from that point onward.  If I can I will try to get a recording of the song, although I have no idea how I will get it uploaded, maybe if I find a coffee shop with good WiFi I will try to get it up.
But here is another set of photos for your browsing pleasure!  Keep visiting!  There will be a lot more!  I think I have the photos already picked out for the next two posts, and I have not even downloaded the pictures from today yet.

Driving into Wyoming.

You start to get more topography, and turtle butt.

You even have rocks that stick up!

The clouds were beautiful, even if a bit ominous.

We passed the turtle once because I was attempting to maintain speed in the mountains.  Poor wheezy was not built for mountains (foreshadowing).

Lots of wind, and windmills.

And Buttes to go with the turtle butt.

You have to occasionally check the fluids, make sure all is well..

The telephone poles were the only trees,

The strati-graphic columns would be easy to map though.

You could almost map the contacts between sections from the highway.

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