The drive out across So-Dak

So, we made it across Minnesota.  We stopped over night in Mitchell South Dakota, I got to do my first sleeping in the truck experience.  That tarted uneventful, but at about three in the morning when the thunderstorm and hail started it got interesting.  As it turns out aluminum toppers are really f’n loud in the hail.

I did take a bunch of photos on the drive out across So-Dak, here are a few for your viewing pleasure.

On another note, since I have some time tonight I am going to write a few blogs about the adventures so far, and set them up to post at different times.  Seems to be the easiest way to accomplish everything.

Riding in the turtle to go see the Corn Palace.

Look, its the Corn Palace!

As you can see from the reactions, we were not all that impressed.

But it did have a lot of corn.

Wheezy and the Turtle in the campground at Mitchell, SD.

Crossing over the Missouri River.

Laura took a picture of me while we drove over the bridge.

Turtle butt, and you can see the weather is looking questionable in the distance.

More turtle butt.

The clouds were now looking really ominous, it got so bad we eventually had to pull off into a rest area because it was so obscenely nasty.

Starting to run through the Black Hills.

Look, outcrop!  In the Black Hills.

Laura managed to take a selfie, she was closer than she appeared.
Here is the first update, but there are a lot of updates coming soon, there have been some adventure in the last few days, far more than I could post to facebook.  When I get a chance I will put the next blog together, but since class goes from breakfast at 6:30 AM until end of work time at 10 PM, it may take me a while to catch up on everything.  That and the internet here is not the speediest I have ever worked with, be patient, there is much coming soon.

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