Field Camp, day Two, when the weather fails….

Day two of field camp starts our first mapping exercise.  We basically are given a map of an area showing the locations of roads, contours, houses, and then have to tromp around the hillsides and map the geologic contacts.  There are major old layers, major newer layers, and then all of the things that have happened recently in geologic time….  Recent being basically since the last ice age, give or take.

It was rather chilly and wet when we woke up in the morning, and by the afternoon the weather had gone to shit.  We had work to do though, and we had to get that work done.  It was windy cold, rainy, the maps we were working on turned to pulp, our notes turned to pulp.  We were sore, cold, and sliding down the clay covered hill slopes, not to mention getting about two inches of mud stuck to the bottoms of our boots.

On the drive home, just to make things that much better, it started to snow.  By dinner time we had two+ inches of heavy wet snow on the ground in Park City proper.  We delayed our start the next day by an hour to let things dry out and thaw a little bit.

As it turned out the next day was beautiful!

There were some really cool low clouds in the mountains.

They just seemed to sit out there, hiding the slopes.
I did not take my camera with on the hike because it was looking rather iffy.

We got back to Park City and here is the view from my balcony.

There was still snow on the slopes the next day.

Once again the tops of the mountains were shrouded in mist.

But the sun started to come out.

Then it got really nice!

The next morning while we were loading up I saw this hanging in the sky.

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