Day 3 of Field Camp, a hike up a slot canyon to look at statigraphy

Our next stop was a little slot canyon on the side of the highway.  We walked up the canyon to see what we could see of the stratigraphy, ironically the canyon was also the cover of the sedimentology and Stratigraphy book I used for the class…  Ok, actually I used the slides that were on the web, although some of those had pictures of the same areas I was now walking.

This was a very cool walk, not just for the geology, but also some of the life living in the slot canyon.

On a side note, don’t steal photos!  If you really want to use a photo I took get a hold of me, I have the high-resolution originals and I will let you use them for non-commercial purposes.  But everything in this blog is Copyright Jeff Harrison (c) 2014…..

High flying airplanes and almost as high cliffs (not really).

Hummocks!  In the wild!

Soft sediment deformation.

give you an idea of the scale of some of this stuff…

interesting cross-bedding patterns



Crab spider



Part of the group hiking about.

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