Day three, on the way to the San Rafael Swell…

Day three started beautifully!  You could not have asked for a more wonderful day, it was sunny and warm and we were driving.  I would really hate to have to drive some of these long windy mountain roads in the rain, and in the turtle, but thankfully that was not an issue.  There was one issue that I noticed however, it seems that I was the first driver of said turtle that realized that actually using the engine to slow down on long mountain roads was smarter than riding the brakes.
As you can imagine I am going to be doing a lot more driving now.  
Here are a few photos from the first part of the first day of the San Rafael Swell trip.
I also have to give photo credit for some of these to Micheal Marsh as he had my camera since I was driving.
I liked the crossed wires in this shot.

steep topography!

Close up of some of the peaks around us.

Still spots of snow!

This is actually a massive landslide scar from a landslide in 1983. 

Why can’t these layers always be so easy to see?

Alternating mudstones and sandstones…

The mudstones are weak and break off at a slope, the sandstones form the high areas in the topography.

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