Damn these knees

These damn knees of mine.  These seem to think that the best time for injuries to flare up and start really bothering me.  Looks like a torn meniscus that is preventing me from being able to safely scramble along mountain slopes and what not.  Thankfully people are willing to work with me and things are getting figured out.  It is taking a bit of leg work, and it looks like I am going to miss a bit of Utah, but, that is the way the baby bounces.  In the meantime I have a leg brace holding my knee together so I can wander around on flat land, I can even make it up slopes where one could reasonably drive a car), even places where someone could reasonably drive a rental car.  (You know the old joke, there are only two vehicles that can go anywhere, a Jeep and a rental).  Unfortunately climbing up slopes at the angle of repose presents a degree of risk that makes it impossible for me to go these places, which is unfair to the other members of my group.  I would love to be able to go to the edge of a cliff and get the strike and dip on that outcrop, but falling off the outcrop because my leg locks up makes this not an option.

People are working with me, and it looks like we will figure something out that will be acceptable for everyone involved.  I have  a bunch of telephone tag to play and a schedule to determine.  This will work!  Somehow!  This is nothing new, just not where I usually end up in the mix.

Well, this is all I have for the moment.  As things get figured out I will see where all the parts fall, and what I end up doing for the rest of this adventure.

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