A hike up to look at statigraphy where the gnats escape from the seventh circle of hell

There was one more major spot we had to look at in our three day quest to learn everything we possibly could about stratigraphy.  It just happened to be infested with gnats from the seventh circle of hell.  It was pretty though….

We were driving through sedimentary rock heaven apparently.

The rocks were amazing with the way that they stood up above the landscape.

However, as you can see from some of the preparations that people made, we were in gnat hell.

We did hike a little ways up above the vehicles…

But there were amazingly, even in this dry, desolate climate little flowers.

We found this spot to have a quick lecture, but it was hard to pay attention with all the gnats.

Later we adventured somewhere else and found these!

They were right at the base of yet another large cliff face.

But this was apparently the spot for leaving your mark, several hundred years ago.

Some of the designs were really cool, there were more, but those go in the next post.

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