And then the stars came out!

The sun went down and the stars came out.  sadly I had forgotten to pack a tripod, but I found a rock with some flat faces that aimed in a few random directions and just held the camera hard against the rock so I could take some long exposure photographs.  Here are the results.

Hey lok, its Jupiter!  With a couple of moons showing!

You may notice that some of the stars look like diffuse fuzz-balls, those are not stars.

You can start to see the Milky Way coming out…

This was cool because you can still see the rock I had climbed in the previous blog in the starlight.

Nice field of view, there were a lot of stars out!

Another field for you perusing pleasures.

I think this one was an airplane crossing the plane of the photo.

A one minute exposure.  The stars do move across the sky in a minute, but look at the Milky Way!  Also note the track of the satellite across the image.

One last picture of the stars.   have to go through and figure out exactly what all I was looking at in these.  But I have been busy with camp.

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