Part two of the hike through a canyon looking at statigraphy, and wildlife

Next we had to walk back down the slot canyon.  I took a few more pictures of rocks, but since we were on out own, I also took the time to snap some photos of the looks wildlife.  In this case a lot of it was insects.  There were also a few rock pictures, but not all of them this time.

The sandstone stands out, but up here the trees were nice as well.

I saw this guy slowly walking up a branch, had to shoot a couple of pictures.

He had really dark eyes, and interesting orange stripes.

I am curious as to what he actually is, but I have not had the time to go through and identify everything yet.  I saw a cool lizard with an electric blue tail yesterday, sadly, did not have the camera on me.

This picture really shows how the rocks selectively erode.

This guy was rather scary looking, but didn’t seem interested in bugging anyone.

This is the promentary that was right at the mouth of the canyon, kind of cool looking.

I saw this rock while I was waiting for everyone to filter out of the canyon, I had to hike up and shot a picture.  These ripple patterns are a result of water moving across the surface when it was deposited, millions of years ago.

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