The Wedge, Little Grand Canyon, and Pictographs!

This is the last set of photos from the first week of our adventures.  We continued our drive about, found another amazing camping spot, and the next day found some really cool pictographs in the canyons.  It should be noted that we were driving down some roads that were really testing the Turtle’s ability to survive…

This is the Little Grand Canyon…

It was not as deep, it was little, still damn impressive.

Look, it got invaded by students!

The San Rafael River ran across the bottom.

This is the crew from UMD, plus Danger Alli who is a TA this year.

Kyle sitting on a rock over nothing.

Look!  More cross-bedding!

We ran into another area with Pictographs!

Some were a touch faded, but no they are protected.

I am not sure what exactly all of them are, I did not photograph the signs…

These were all sitting at the base of a cliff, where the rain would not get to them.

Of course it is Utah, rain is rarely an issue.

But the sun still beats down on them…

We were now right along the river that made the canyon.

This should give you an idea of scale.

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