Week two… Not as much time to take pictures.

Where did you do your classes?  Here is where I have been studying the last couple of days.  Please note, you will not get to see my maps, and I am making sure that the pictures do not give away the history that people need to figure out for themselves at field camp.

This week we were out along a reservoir near Deer Creek.  This particular sight is known for three things.  Ticks, deer skeletons, and rattlesnakes…

Although I did not have any issues with ticks, I did come across three rattlesnakes.  As you can see there is still snow in the mountains.

In the mornings the water was really smooth, you could actually watch the fish swim by.

We climbed way up in the one section, then I turned around.

I am curious about what this flower is.  Three petals, alternate or whorled leaves.

Look down the valley…

Nice view of the mountains.

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