Driving from Park City to the Tetons, part one

Here are some of the photos from Park City to the Tetons.  This stretch makes it through Fossil Butte, Wyoming.  long this stretch we decided that Wyoming saves money by paving their roads with ground squirrels.  Fossil Butte was cool, but I would have rather found a place where we could have gone fossil hunting.  Go smack some rocks and come home with a fossilized fish or something.

Of course since I was driving the Turtle at the time Michael Marsh was the designated photo taker for most of these.  He is really falling in love with my Canon 60d…

Driving past one of the reservoirs, possibly the Jordanelle, you can see the bathtub ring as the water drops down.

Huge layers of conglomerate, a side effect of adding the Western part of North America

The road winds right through all of these layers of conglomerate.

It is also tipped, as is the nature of smacking huge… tracts of land together,

Layered rocks, dipping…

Amber was in a god mood.

Ground Squirrel avoiding becoming pavement.

The forward part of our caravan…

Look, its Fossil Butte, millions of years ago there was a lake bed here.

There are layers in this that are loaded with fossils, unfortunately I was not able to search for myself.

Another squirrel avoiding becoming pavement.

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