Going to the Tetons, cruising across Wyoming…

After leaving Fossil Butte we continued North across Wyoming.  It was a long drive, but the caravan made it!  The ground squirrels quit committing suicide on the road ways and we started to see snow topped mountains in the distance.  We had a destination, and we were going to make it!

Oh, once again since I was driving Michael Marsh was the designated photo taker…

Off in the distance we started to see snow capped mountains.

There was the occasional lake, but Wyoming is definitely not the land of 10,000 of these suckers…

It is no Lake Superior, maybe Lake Inferior…

The cliffs were very beautiful though.  It would have been nice to stop and take a closer look, bt we had places to go!

Someday when I have more time and a vehicle and can trust not to implode on me I want to explore.

There was now a considerable amount of snow in the mountains, if I remember right this is the Wind River Mountain Range.

We were climbing in elevation!

The roads were skinny, and once we came over the pass there was a lot of engine braking with the Turtle.  Amazingly, or possibly disturbingly, I was the first of the Turtle Drivers to figure out that you could downshift instead of riding the brakes….  (Shudder).

We were starting to make our way to somewhere that was getting National Park worthy…

The snow in the mountains was looking less and less ephemeral.

Purple Mountains Majesty?

I think it would be fun to stay in the teepee, looks like it is in a great spot.

The little barn/house would be a cool place to live, I generally need more trees, but looks like there are some out there.

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