The mountains, the majesty, the Tetons…

Now that I was not tied to the steering wheel it was time to get out and take some actual pictures.  Time to show you what the Tetons look like from more than one spot, and also from spots where we are not travelling by the target at sixty miles per hour.

I just realized that I have run out of coffee, this means that I suppose while this round uploads I will have to go inside and get another cup…

We spent the day driving around the Tetons, looking at things, stopping periodically, getting out, stretching legs…  Much better than just driving.

The Tetons in the daylight!

Another view…

I was waiting for everyone else to get back to the vehicles and I saw this guy running across the field in front of me with a squirrel in his mouth.

I never asked him what he says however.


And little blue butterflies on the plants.

And huge mafic dikes on the faces of mountains…

The mountains had steep edges that told me that I was not going to be adventuring up the sides any time soon…

We stopped at an overlook of the Snake River and I saw this guy gradually making his way downstream.

The Gros Ventre Slide…  You can read the sign below.

This is a sign…

As we were leaving we came across a small herd of antelope.

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