The Tetons! Finally I get to play with the camera!

I have to thank Michael for taking the reigns of the camera while I was driving, but I was so happy to take back control and start shooting my own pictures for a while.  We were in the Grand Tetons, we were stopped for the night, and it was time to go and walk around for a bit!

A little bit of trivia for you, Tetons is French for teats, so the Grand Tetons could be translated as “Large Breasts.”

These are the Grand Tetons, Black Tail Butte is in the foreground, it was directly between us and the mountains.

I was taking panoramic shots, those will take a lot of processing to put together, something that will not likely happen until I am home and working on something with a little more snot than my laptop, with a mouse, and dual monitors.

It was getting towards sunset, walked over about 1000 feet into the field next to the campground to get a few shots in.

Not just snow, snow that sticks for a while.

With the sun going down behind the mountains it made for some great shots.

Back-lit and ready to roll….

Here is part of the crowd, I think there were 68 of us on this trip.  The guy in the black tee-shirt just left of center is Michael Marsh, aka, the designated photographer when I am driving.


A close up of Grand Teton, methinks…

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