Then we ventured off into Yellowstone! Part one.

We had a free day to go off and about.  Some of the people went off camping up in the mountains.  Some people decided to go to the river and drink all day.  Some people went for a hike to Jenny Lake.  I decided it would be fun to get a group of people and go off and explore Yellowstone for the afternoon.  Unfortunately it was week of the 4th and as a result the park was insanely busy, but we made it!

We got to our first stop, the obligatory stop at Old Faithful, just before it erupted.  The rest of the day followed that theme and was an amazing day for observing and photographing the beauty.

Along the way we drove past a herd of Buffalo, or Bison…  Colloquially Americans do refer to Bison as Buffalo…

There were a couple of calves looking like they were enjoying themselves.

The first stop was at some mud pits while we made a plan for the day as to where all we were going to travel.

Like I said we made it to Old Faithful just at the right time, this is the end of the eruption, I shot video for the rest of it.

Jetting a little steam.

Eytan really wanted to hug a buffalo, we told him it was a bad idea.

The water right where the 50-60 degree C hydro-thermal fluids poured into the near freezing mountain stream caused a sudden precipitation of materials making the water cloudy.  I really wanted to take water samples, but I do not have the proper lab, and taking samples with out a permit is a really large no-no.

This is what it looks like when you have pools of water that are running a pleasant 70 degrees C, or for you Fahrenheit people, 158 degrees…

Deep blue waters, bubbling away, little bursts of activity, and steam in the wind.

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