Yellowstone Park, Part two

Since I am trying to keep my blogs down to about a dozen photos for bandwidth consideration reasons I split the Yellowstone trip in half.  This is my last post for the day, but fear not there will be more.  We are only half way through camp.  There is a lot more to come!

Hot waters and extremophile bacteria!

I had my camera, I was taking the pictures!  I took a bunch of panorama shots that I am sure I will be processing for weeks after I get back to Duluth.

The reflections, steam, and colors.

The blue of the waters, and the blue of the skies.

My roommate took a picture of me, I really need a shower and a shave…

Where else can you get colors like this, naturally?

I had to just keep shooting!

Another stop, Artists Paintpots, water jetting from the ground.

Sometimes you have to focus on the foreground…

The waters in some of the pools had an interesting milky look to them.

And here is where the Yellowstone River takes a slight dive…

A bit out of focus, but the random tourist we wrangled was very confused by the camera, so I forgive.

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