And there goes the knee…

Well, field camp has been fun, however it has also been a lot of wear and tear on my knees.  Mainly my right knee which is making a lot of nice pops and odd squishy feelings.  Not to mention that it occasionally decides that moving from one position to another is not what it feels like doing.

Ah hell…

Well, they are going to give me credit for the portion that I have finished and I will have to see what the university wants me to do to make up for the portion that I am going to miss.

Since I am not going to be able to do the whole turtle ride back to Duluth I have booked some travel on Amtrak from Salt Lake City to Chicago, and the Chicago to St. Paul.  This will be followed by a run from St. Paul to Duluth on a bus.

This brings up another point of contention.  Will someone please explain the logic of this.  The train from the West coast to Chicago gets into town at 2:50 PM, the only train from Chicago to St. Paul leaves at 2:25 PM.  This of course necessitates a over night stay in Chicago.  Thankfully getting deals on hotels online got me a room for 89 bucks, but I would rather just get on the train again and off without the one day delay.

On the next stretch I am getting off the train in St. Paul and getting on a bus like thing an hour later.  Much better.

This does mean that I will be getting back to Duluth at like 1:45 in the morning, but I am used to that time in Duluth.

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